Sunday Service 05/07/20

Theme: God is Generous

Bible: Various

God is Generous,

What does God think about us? How can God use each of us when we are only human and keep messing things up?

1) Everyone can receive God’s generosity, not because of anything we have done but because of the undeserved grace that God gives. And that Jesus died to connect us to that grace. See Romans 5:8-11

2) We are all equal – It does not matter how long we have been a Christian - Luke 23:39-43

3) God wants a relationship with each of us – John 7:37

Through the Spirit, we receive nourishment with streams of living water. We have the Spirit living within us providing all that we need to survive. Rely on God rather than humans’ desires to provide all that you need. Have faith that the Holy Spirit will be a presence in the wilderness just as much as in the busyness of life.

The Holy Spirit prompts obedience, As Christians, we are given the command to love one another and the Holy Spirit helps us recognise when this is or is not happening. Ephesians 4:29-32

It can be easy to give up on God when times are tough. When you are debating if God can exist with some of the things going on in life. When we are going through hard times; when we are in the wilderness; when we are sick and at our weakness, is when we are tempted to give up on God! But God is more powerful, God overcomes evil for good. Through the Holy Spirit that lives within us and protects and guides us, we shall survive the wilderness of life and come back fighting stronger.

Finally, let's remember that we are all worthy of God’s generosity due to his Grace, that we are all equal no matter what job we are doing or age or sex and God desires that we all have a relationship with him.

This morning you may be feeling very unworthy, maybe because you involved in something you know you shouldn’t, maybe you think you’re not clever enough or maybe you are being dragged down by mental illness – Let me remind you; we are being called to God and God is weeping and saying “my Child, I love you.” Thanks to Jesus our Lord and saviour there is nothing that can stop us reaching out and being accepted by God!


Adam Woodhouse

Adam is a fourth year URC Ordinand at Westminster College Cambridge. He is due to start his full-time minister-in-training with the Ipswich group of churches September this year and his profile will be going to the Moderators Meeting to seek a call to a pastorate.

Prior to starting at Westminster College, Adam was the Senior Youth Worker for a URC Youth project in inner-city Bradford working with Young offenders and looked after children and young carers. He has a passion to share the gospel and encourage everyone to hear from God and discover their calling.

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